Tips to Use a Table Runner

Tips to Use a Table Runner

How to Use a Table Runner

Do you know what a table runner does for your table? If no then let us answer your question with a simple example, the table runner does for your table what a scarf does for your clothes. You should start to get our point, now to make things more clear, we can say that a table runner is the highlight of a bland table.

Table runner creates a very dynamic effect to your surroundings, it adds sophistication to the whole room. A table runner comes in many colors and textures. In this article you will find answer to most frequently asked question about table runner. You can use your table runner in many places like in the entry way or on the dining table.

If you don’t know what a table runner is, then let us tell you from very beginning

What is a Table Runner?

Table runner is not a new item in fact it has been used for centuries, initially it was used to protect the tablecloth because in those times threads were not easy to make, and the table cloth in those times was very expensive. The major use of tablecloth was to prevent any spills and damage from serving dishes.

In today’s time table runner is used more as a decorative piece than anything else. Sure you can use it like it was intended but it looks more beautiful as a decorative item. Along with table runners, cushion covers are also very famous nowadays.

Shapes and Sizes of a Table Runner

A table runner can vary in size; you can find table runners available in the market which are anywhere from 10 to 14 inches. You can custom make your own table runner with any dimension you like. But the standard table runner is one third the width of the table you are using.

The basic part that should be covered by a table runner should be the middle third part of the table you are using.

How Long The Size of A Table Runner Should Be?

If you want to know the general size, then we can tell you that a table runner can be anywhere between 36 to 108 inches long. But as always you can make your customized table runner with your desired length. Commonly the length of the table runner depends directly on the length of the table you are using. You need to decide how much table runner should hang of the sides of the table.

You can use as little as 2 inches to as much as 12 inches depending on your personal taste and demand. But you can also go for the middle, that being 6 inches. The basic purpose here, is to make your table runner go well with the table. You can take measurement of the table you are using and make a table runner according to those measurements.

How to Effectively Use a Table Runner?

Traditionally a table runner is placed in the center of the table. You can place the table runner on your coffee table, your dining table or any table you deem necessary. You can also place it lengthwise, and it can lay on top of the table. You can also layer the table runner on top of the table, if you are using a table runner that is short in length then it would look real nice in the center.

A table runner can bring the focus of attention on the table itself, so if you have a very expensive table that you want to show your peers then, putting a table runner on top of it is a very nice idea. If you opt out for long draping table runner, then if can give your table a dramatic flair.

Are Table Runner Only For Dinning Tables?

No! Certainty not, you can use a table runner on any table you want, you can put a table runner on a side board or a buffet table. You can also use a table runner on a side table in your living room, the best use of a table runner can be seen on fireplace, if you do have a fireplace long enough then putting a table runner over it will add so much more to that fireplace.

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